Year-end Market Update

January 1, 2021

Hello house-enthusiasts!

This will be my last market-watch of the year and I will join the chorus of people who are glad to see the back of this one.

Despite everything, the housing market in San Francisco and the Bay Area has proved to be resilient and seemingly pandemic-proof unless you’re selling a condo in SOMA/FiDi. 

I am still seeing a highly competitive market for buyers, especially those looking for a single family home, with the average sales vs list price at 106%. It’s a great time to buy a condo if you’re looking for a bargain and there are some great ones out there. In general, my personal law of the 3 Gs applies – good properties in good areas are selling at great prices.

If you’re looking to buy your dream house, then be super focused on what and where you’re looking to buy and ACT FAST. Do your due diligence quickly and make a considered offer. And choose a good agent to work with.

Happy Holidays everyone. If you want to take advantage of the Holiday lull and look to buy, I’ll be here working in your interest to find and secure your next home.

Barry Cronin

415.515.0816   [email protected]   02091594

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