About Me

Knowledge of SF 
My love affair with SF started over 20 years ago when I used to regularly visit the city with work. Over the last decade I have lived in the Bay Area, Toronto, New York & London, this being my third stint of living in San Francisco!

Healthy Obsession with Property 
I have bought and sold property to live in and for investment purposes in the UK, Europe and the US. My family were property developers in London and we still have investment properties there. More recently, we bought, remodeled and sold a house in the Bay Area.

Strong in Negotiation
My decades-long experience of deal-making will be invaluable in helping you navigate the process of buying and selling property.

People buy and sell property for a myriad of reasons, impulses and emotions. I can quickly and accurately evaluate people and situations, whatever their background which is invaluable to working towards the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Loyal and Committed 
I will fight for you to find the perfect home or the perfect price for your property.

Good Communicator 
My motto is “Be honest, keep it simple”. Throughout my career I have been a straight-talker while listening to customers, finding out their wants and needs with the aim of delivering on their expectations.

Marketing Expertise 
I have built digital brands that have informed, educated and entertained millions of customers, I will bring this expertise and focus to the real estate market. 

Polished and Credible 
While representing you I will perform to the highest standards of professionalism. I am a people person and adept at putting people at ease, I’m simply good to do business with.

My aim is simple
To make buying and selling property as enjoyable and fulfilling an experience as possible for my clients. By relying on my skills as a great communicator and negotiator, I aim to deliver the best outcome with a minimum of fuss. After a 20+ year career in technology media in London, I first moved to the Bay Area with my wife in 2010. In December 2018, I decided to make property my full-time career. I’ve had a healthy obsession with property, particularly modern design and architecture, for some time. My family were property developers in London and we still have investment properties there. I have also bought and sold property to live in and for investment purposes in Europe and the US so I’m no stranger to the process of buying and selling property.In my career in media, I built digital brands that informed, educated and entertained millions of customers as well as negotiated and managed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. I bring this expertise in deal-making and knowledge of marketing to the real estate business.
I am supported by Corcoran Global Living (formerly Zephyr)
If you’re new to this market then there’s a couple of differences in how buying and selling real estate works here in the US. Firstly, the industry is highly regulated. Which is a good thing as it provides protection for consumers looking to buy and sell property. All real estate agents are state-licensed, they have to pass a state exam which entails 4-6 months of study. They then have to work for a brokerage. I chose Zephyr (pre-merger with Corcoran) at the time as they offer the best training and support in the city.
About Corcoran Global Living and their pedigree in this San Francisco property market
Ignited by San Francisco’s entrepreneurial spirit, Zephyr Real Estate opened in 1978 and built upon a foundation of providing exceptional care to every client. By deflecting the trends of buy-outs by larger national real estate companies over the years, Zephyr Real Estate has become stronger as we preserve our mission of commitment to the highest level of integrity, personal attention, professionalism and dedicated service.Our 300+ exceptional agents who generate over $2.3 billion in annual sales thrive out of our six San Francisco offices, our central Marin office and two affiliate brokerages in Sonoma. Through our enduring efforts, we have fostered a strong brand to become the number one property seller in San Francisco (handling 1 in 8 transactions) and the fastest-growing company in Marin County.Zephyr Real Estate has cultivated itself as a destination company for a wide cross-section of agents and staff, with various types of life experiences and skills that strengthen our collaborative environment. Our Top Producers are some of the very best REALTORS® in the country, while our newer agents receive the highest level of training and support available in the industry. By striving to increase the quality of life for our staff and creating an atmosphere that our agents can flourish in, we boast an unparalleled retention rate. And we are always looking to recruit the best talent available, whether they are seeking an exceptional training program to launch their career, restructure their business for increased success or simply needing to achieve better live/work balance. In February 2020, Zephyr merged with Corcoran to create a franchised affiliate throughout Silicon Valley called Corcoran Global Living. Clients working with Corcoran Global Living can still expect the same levels of unprecedented support, innovative processes, a hands-on approach, and access to our attentive, local and knowledgeable agents who are empowered by proprietary market intelligence, unmatched resources and expansive networking.

Barry Cronin

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